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The End of Dry January


Fresh Seafood Restaurant Tunbridge Wells Serves Delicious Beer

As the month draws to a close and we get fully into the swing of 2022, you can be sure that we’ll be treating ourselves to a well-earned tipple or two from the bar. If there’s anyone who deserves one the most though, it’s all those brave heroes who took on the challenge of Dry January and avoided all the refreshing, alcoholic beverages at the Seafood Kitchen & Bar, as well as at the Old Fishmarket.

Naturally, if you’re one of those, you’ll want to sip on something special to celebrate your newfound freedom –and what’s more special than a beverage produced by yours truly? Sit down, relax, and get your glass ready while we remind you about those drinks we’ve been extra proud of pouring over the last few years:

Samphire Stout (5%)

Our original foray into the world of brewing, our beer with Good Things was the true definition of a collaboration. An iconic stout defined by its rich notes of coffee, it was topped off with a Sankey’s spin and slightly salty mouthfeel courtesy of fresh samphire. The perfect drink for oysters, at least in our opinion, we were absolutely gutted last year when lightning struck the team’s 17th Century headquarters – putting a (temporary) end to all the gems coming out of the Eridge based brewery.

We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for these guys, and hope they can get back to doing what they do best soon.

Lindy Hop (4.5%)

After the unfortunate events regarding Good Things, we soon turned to the Only With Loveteam based in Uckfield. Available on keg up on Mount Ephraim or by the can at the Old Fishmarket, this Transatlantic Pale Ale made with our very own hops is truly something special. Named after the first pilot to cross the ocean, Charles Lindbergh, that connection is honoured by combining citrus and fruity flavours of the states with a classic bitterness that comes from closer to home.


They’re just some of our own adventures into brewing however, so if you’re still looking for something that hits the sweet spot from our selection of drinks, either check out blog post from a few months back or see what’s on offer via our website.

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