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Seafood Restaurant in Kent Beer Offerings

Still thirsty after reading our previous blog post on some of the delicious beers waiting for you at the Seafood Kitchen & Bar? Well buckle in because we’re either about to quench it, or possibly make things worse by covering the rest of what we have on tap. To avoid the latter though, just grab a glass, sit back, and read up on these brilliant beers:  

Steady Rolling Man (5.2%)

Inspired by hoppy beers of times gone by and many evenings spent listening to blues classics, this pale ale from the Deya Brewing Company makes the most out of juicy American hops. Soft and delicate on the palate, this one’s defined by its intense tropical fruit aromas and flavours.

Lupulus x Mosaic (5.4%)

An experimental IPA that impresses with each sip, the Lupulus X range from Buxton Brewery follows the exact same recipe but merely switches out the single hop for a unique finish. There’s a variety to choose from, but we think the Mosaic is the pick of the bunch for its citrus bursts and cloudy lemon body. Yum.

Lindy Hop (4.5%)

Ring any bells? Made in collaboration with Only With Love, our very own brew is a must try either by the keg up on Mount Ephraim, or by the can at The Old Fishmarket. It deserves more than just a few words though, so discover what this one’s all about through our dedicated blog post.

People, Money, Space, Time (3.8%)

Okay, so we know the name doesn’t give much away about this New England Pale Ale so hear us out. Brewed in Cornwall by Verdant Brewing, it’s a lower ABV option that doesn’t sacrifice anything when it comes to flavour. Full of tropical fruitiness and citrus sharpness, it’ll have you getting together with people, handing over your money for a few pints, then relaxing in our cool space while time passes you by. See what we did there?

Whisky Cask Scottish Cider (6.7%)

Yeah, yeah, it’s not a beer, but this one’s just too good to not shout about. Although each of Thistly Cross’ ciders will transport you to Scotland via Tunbridge Wells, this one in particular will get you there in half the time seeing as it’s kept in Glen Moray casks for warming notes of oak, vanilla, and honey.

Guinness (5%)

We’re ending things on a classic here, and to be honest there’s not much more to be said about the famous Irish stout other than that if you haven’t tried it, what have you been doing? Sláinte!

If you’ve covered all these as well as those in our previous post, fair play, you deserve a drink. Fortunately, as you’ll now know, we’ve got plenty to pick from – so many in fact that you may be faced with a dilemma deciding on just one. To make matters worse, we’re always on the lookout for the latest and best beers to add to our ever-changing board, so if any have taken your fancy you’ll simply have to pop in as soon as possible for a pint or two.

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