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Fine Wine at The Old Fishmarket


Seafood Tunbridge Wells Fine Wine at The Old Fish Market

At both Sankey’s sites, we’re all about bringing maximum freshness to your table with seasonal ingredients at their very best – but that ethos doesn’t stop with what gets cooked up in the kitchen. In fact, it stretches to our sublime selection of wines which we’re able to keep for as long as possible.

The opposite of fresh we hear you say? Think again, especially with the Coravin Wine System we use down at The Old Fishmarket.


What is it and how does it work?

Without needing to remove the cork in the first place, we simply attach a clamp to the bottle which pierces it through an off-centre needle that also carries the wine through. Once removed, the cork simply expands back into shape for a secure seal once again.

The wine itself isn’t affected either, as any extracted through the needle is replaced by pure Argon gas, ensuring oxygen never touches the remaining wine. Crazy, we know.



The answer is simple really, and is also a win-win situation for both us and our wonderful guests. You guys get to enjoy a whole host of amazing wines that are as good as the day they were produced, while we can keep wastage to a minimum that works both commercially and environmentally.


They say that only a miniscule drop off in quality is noticeable after a whopping 2 years, but given that our restaurant is the prime place on the Pantiles to sip and sup, they won’t be reaching anywhere near that mark!


After this science lesson we’re sure you’ll either want to check out our wine list, or skip the research entirely and join us down at The Old Fishmarket for a taste test.


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