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We have a simple rule here at Sankey’s and that is we do not buy any seafood that comes from a source that cannot prove its produce comes from a sustainable source, and we do check!

However, even this isn’t enough. We have become obsessed with ensuring that our seas & oceans remain the best source of food and to do that we must treat it with care. We are of the belief that this can only start “on the front line”, in our restaurants and on our high streets. So to do our bit we set up the “Buy One, Set One Free” campaign with our friends at The National Lobster Hatchery.

The “Buy One, Set One Free” campaign is a very simple system. When you buy and eat a lobster at Sankey’s, we will put a brand new baby lobster back into the Cornish sea!

Check out The National Lobster Hatchery’s website to see what they do, you’ll be blown away by their work. For several years, we have been firm supporters of their work. In that time, we are proud to say we have raised over £25,000 for the organisation - that’s 7142 baby lobsters back into the wild to date. Sankey’s is also recognized on the campaigning site Fish2Fork, who rate restaurants based on the sustainability of their seafood.

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