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Cooking up a storm at the Old Fishmarket


Fresh Seafood Restaurant Tunbridge Wells Serves Delicious Oysters

If you read our previous blog post on all the oysters we serve raw down at the Old Fishmarket, we’re sure you’ve been eagerly awaiting the vital information about to be shared concerning those magical molluscs we cook with on a regular basis. Of course, we know that those of you who are new to the oyster experience may be slightly cautious when it comes to enjoying them raw, so they’re always a great entry point when you and the gang finally decide to take advantage of our happy hour.

Even for the Sankey’s veterans, the divide between raw and cooked, as well as the range of oysters we source, provides a unique experience on the palate each time you come down. They do say that variety is the spice of life, after all!

Without any further ado then, let’s crack open those shells and see what’s waiting inside:

Le Ruth

From New Orleans to Tunbridge Wells, there’s a myriad of flavours to enjoy with these beauties. Expect the sweetness of crab meat, juiciness of prawns, all topped off with parmesan. Forget what you thought about oysters, because these will blow your mind.


A cooked oyster menu wouldn’t be complete without these classics, would it? Swimming in a tarragon and parsley butter after being baked to perfection, plus a wedge of lemon should you so wish, they’re as delicious as they are refreshing on the palate.


Seeing as we love a glass or three of Squerryes’ sparkling wines down on the Pantiles, it’s only fitting that we offer up some champagne oysters. As indulgent as the name suggests, the key ingredients to this sauce are crème fraiche and a healthy serving of the bubbly stuff to make your Sankey’s experience that extra bit special.


You might find that this recipe has a number of loosely similar names from Kirkpatrick to Philpatrick, but what’s most important are the flavours given off by smoky bacon and Worcestershire butter. It goes without saying that these guys have a bit of a kick to them, perfect for kicking off your meal with us – especially ahead of the weekend!


That’s all folks, now it’s up to you to come on down to the Old Fishmarket and work out not only whether you’re a raw or cooked kind a guy or gal, but also which of our oysters take the top spot for your tastebuds. There’s only one way to find out, and it’s a task made even easier when you join us between 4pm and 5pm every Friday!


Check out our blog post covering the raw oyster options on our menu here

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