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Going Raw at the Old Fishmarket


Fresh Seafood Restaurant Kent Serves Various Mouthwatering Oysters

You should know by now that oysters are a pretty big deal for us here at Sankey’s, and seemingly the same for you given that our Friday one-pound-a-shuck extravaganza is everyone’s favourite (happy) hour of the week. The wonderful world of these shellfish has plenty of variety about it though, so regardless of when you decide to join us down at The Old Fishmarket, we’re here to give you the low-down on your options if you’re feeling raw-dacious and going for our fresh, uncooked oysters:


Colchester Wild Rocks

The only way isn’t all Essex for these little fellas, as although they’re caught in West Mersea, they’re enjoyed right here in the heart of Tunbridge Wells.  Served with salted butter, these oysters are firm, creamy, and ideal if you’re a fan of mushrooms.


We’re nuts for these oysters from Leinster, Ireland – especially given their piney notes and coastal saltiness. That’s not all they have about them though, as they’ve got those classic metallic notes accompanied by a silky and smooth experience on the palate.

Jersey Royales

You’d never guess where these ones are from – well the Royal Bay of Grouville to be precise. With flavours of the shoreline and seaweed, paired with notes of cucumber and lemon, these oysters are a must try for a fresh feel.

Lindisfarne Rocks

We’re going up north for the next two oysters on our list, starting with these beauties from Northumberland. Similar to the Jersey Royales in that they give off lovely hints of a sea breeze, they’re extremely silky enhanced by flavours of butter and melon.

Morecambe Bay Rocks

The meatiest of the lot, these shells from Morecambe are truly something else. With notes of cut grass, walnut, and driftwood, they go hand in hand with the classic saltiness and metallic flavours oysters are known for.


That’s just an insight into what you can expect when getting shelly with it down at the OldFishmarket, so if they’ve tempted the tastebuds, why not check out our guide from a few months back teaching you how best to enjoy an oyster or two – especially during Sankey’s Happy Hour!

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