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Winter Warmers at Sankey's


Fresh Seafood Restaurant Tunbridge Wells Winter Warmers

The temperatures have certainly been dropping as of late, but if you’ve been keeping track of our weekly blog posts, you’ll know that being a tad chilly is never an issue if you’re headed to either the Seafood Kitchen & Bar or The Old Fishmarket. However, whilst we know that our dining spaces and cracking atmosphere are some of the reasons you’ll be paying Sankey’s a visit, you’re most likely to be swinging by for the mouth-watering options we have on our menus.

That’s not to say the two can’t go hand in hand though, because we’re here to show off a few dishes from both our sites that’ll have you feeling all warm and toasty from the very first bite:

Salt and Pepper Calamari – It's only right that we kick things off with a starter, and a classic one at that. Crispy rings of squid dusted in a special seasoning, served alongside fresh chillies, spring onions and our house fermented chilli dip, they’re a must try if you’re after a slight kick to excite the taste buds.

Mussel and Clam Chowder - A new one for our Old Fishmarket patrons to enjoy, it’s the real definition of a winter warmer. Made with cream, pancetta, garlic, and wine, as well as the two eponymous ingredients, this dish is a real delight if you’re after something hearty that’s still presented beautifully and made from the freshest of produce.

Burgers – Yes, we know they’re synonymous with summertime barbecues, but in our opinion a good burger should be enjoyed all year round, and, if you’ve had a browse of the Seafood Kitchen & Bar menu, you’ll find several capable of raising the temperatures. Feel the heat of chipotle sauce in our iconic Po’ Boy Bap and Crispy Cajun Bun, or for the vegans among you (and everyone else for that matter) kick things up a notch with the spiced onion Bhaji Burger that’s served with spiced onion and tomato chutney. Don’t forget you can also add jalapenos to any of them too, ideal for finding out how much heat you can really handle.

Lobster Linguine – It's not just a taste of Italy you’ll get when savouring this hearty dish at The Old Fishmarket. This one’s not as simple as the name suggests either, because we serve the sweet meat of our fresh crustaceans in white wine, garlic butter, and top things off with chilli to capture the heat of the Mediterranean. As indulgent as it is warming, this dish is perfect to enjoy in the Winter Wonderland we have here on The Pantiles.


Mouth drooling? Bead of sweat forming on the brow? Don’t worry, we understand. They’re just a few options anyway that’ll add a bit of spice to your life, but truth be told with all our food freshly prepared and delivered straight to your table as soon as possible, any dish of ours will put a smile on your face during the colder months.

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