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What to expect at this year’s Pantiles Food Festival!


Seafood Restaurant in Kent on Pantiles Food Festival

You didn’t expect us to leave you hanging as to what’s going down on the Pantiles this weekend, did you?


We’ve got an extravaganza of food, drink and quality entertainment lined up and we’re more than ready to show the people of Tunbridge Wells what the Sankey’s experience is all about. In fact, we’re so confident of putting on a good show, that’s why we decided to put our money where our mouth is and sponsor the event in the first place!


That being said, let’s get down to the details:


The Set Up


Here at Sankey’s when we do something we like to do it big, therefore we won’t just have one stall but THREE lined up next to the bandstand to keep the crowd buzzing.


We’ll be serving up Mount Ephraim classics like the Po’Boy and our fantastic seafood paella as well as a few new tasty additions in the form of oysters - enjoy them as they are or take one straight off the barbecue for those summer party vibes.


You’ll need something to wash all our bites down with though, and you’ll find plenty of liquid refreshment behind our bar from fruity cocktails to crisp wines. Speaking of which, if you’re deciding to swig on something a bit fancy courtesy of Squerryes, why not go the whole sophisticated hog by taking a seat in our pop-up restaurant for a more formal take on the street food experience? This is ROYAL Tunbridge Wells after all…




The fun doesn’t stop there however, as we’ll be letting you step into the shoes of our team on one of our oyster masterclasses. Learn how to properly crack open one of these shelled beauties before throwing one onto the grill or simply getting it down you with the help of the tipple you’ve picked up from the bar.


That’s just the warm-up act though with Matthew, ever the crowd-pleaser, making his way onto the stage at 1.15 to deliver a live demonstration like no other.


If you’ve been paying attention to our blog and socials you know we’re continuously fascinated by the weird and wonderful creatures that are Crawfish and the Megrim Sole – so it’s only fitting that we share our intrigue with all those in attendance. We’ll be giving them a complete makeover from ugly to sexy with a complete overview as to how we prepare, cook and serve these flavoursome treasures of the sea, and with the opportunity to have a taste too that’s certainly enough reason to secure those front row seats nice and early.


We hope that’s satisfied your curiosity for now and whilst there’s still plenty in store for everyone in attendance, you’ll just have to come and see what the fuss is all about by joining us on the Pantiles this weekend…

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