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Fresh Seafood Kent Staying Cool with Sankey's

There’s no other way of putting it –the last few days have been an absolute scorcher. The rest of the summer hasn’t been chilly either, so we’re here to relay a few helpful hints on how to deal with these warmer times of the year (albeit with a Sankey’s spin):


They don’t call it sunny Tunny for nothing, so we know how hard this can be when the weather’s glorious and you feel like eating out. There’s no need to worry at the Old Fishmarket though, as whilst we have you covered in the winter with our heaters and rugs, our magnificent parasol does the job by covering the entirety of our al-fresco dining area down on The Pantiles. There’s arguably an even more impressive sight up at the Seafood Kitchen & Bar too, with our fully retractable roof making the terrace space as cool as possible by blocking out those rays.


The official advice is to eat foods with a high-water content, such as strawberries, lettuce, and watermelon, but when we hear the words “high water”, we can’t help but think of all the seafood delights being served up at both of our sites. Furthermore, some suggest spicy and hot foods are the way to go – so why not kick things off with the likes of our salt and pepper calamari or garlic and chilli crevettes?


Okay, so we know this obviously means water and wouldn’t suggest otherwise. However so long as you drink responsibly (which you always should),there are plenty of cold and refreshing options to choose from either down on The Pantiles or up on Mount Ephraim. With the latter being a pub at heart, take your pick from our cracking array of craft beers, or let us fix you up a beautiful G&T to enjoy outside. Meanwhile over at the Old Fishmarket it should come as no surprise that we’d recommend a crisp, chilled glass of Squerryes – after all, there’s no better pairing than the sunshine and the Wine Garden of England.


We hope everyone is staying both cool and safe this summer –especially as it’s always our aim to provide an experience that’s not onlymemorable and delicious, but comfortable too throughout the year.

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