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Seafood Restaurant in Kent Their Version of 'Jaune Doré'

Follow us on social media? (Silly question, of course you do) Well then you’d have seen that we’ve recently shown some love to the one and only John Dory, as well as setting a little challenge for you to respond to in the comments. That’s why not only have we jumped on here to tell you a little bit more about this special fish, but also lend a helping hand too – don't say we don’t treat you.

  1. We’ve got the French to thank for its name, because we’ve simply put a British spin on “jaune doré” which means golden yellow. You could call us lazy, but the original label is hardly ground-breaking in the first place, right?
  1. These guys can live at all sorts of depths from 5m to a whopping 360m! Sticking mainly to the seafloor, this does unfortunately encourage damaging bottom trawling – which is why we ensure ours are only ever caught sustainably and with population sizes in mind.
  1. Although delicious, they’re hardly the greatest of lookers – for good reason though. Their strange, thin bodies allow them to confuse predators and remain undetected under the sea.
  1. They’re affectionately known as St Peter’s fish. Why? Because Jesus told Peter that the first fish he’d catch in Galilee would have a silver shekel in its mouth, and it did. It had to be a John Dory too, because how else would it have that iconic black spot on its side if it wasn’t for Peter’s fingerprint?
  1. They can be cooked and enjoyed in a number of ways; pan fry, grill, bake, steam, poach or roast – the choice is yours.

Now you’ve done your revision, get on over to Facebook and Instagram to show off everything you’ve learned. There’s sadly no prize on offer this time, but you’ll always be a winner in our eyes.

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