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Fresh Seafood Restaurant Tunbridge Wells on Food Waste

Seeing as we’re slap bang in the middle of Food Waste Action Week, we thought we’d tell you a bit about one of the many ways the Sankey’s team makes the most out of the amazing produce in our kitchens.

Before we begin though, it’s only right that we tell you more about this cracking campaign, why it was brought about, and what it seeks to achieve.

Every bit of food adds up and has an environmental impact, with studies showing that edible wastage in UK households produces a whopping 25 million tonnes of CO2 every year. Fortunately things are on the up with continued discussions around climate change, as since2007 we’ve saved just under £5 billion annually and have taken the equivalent of 2.1 million cars off the road with our positive contributions. As expected there’s still some way to go though, especially with the UN Sustainable Development Goal of halving global food waste by 2030.

While the common recommendation at home is to freeze meals to enjoy at a later date, we’re always about providing the best of both worlds by serving up fresh food that’s sustainably produced, sourced, and prepared.

We’ve told you all before about how we make sourdough bread from scratch using our Sankey’s starter, and we’ve taken things to the next level recently by getting creative with one of the most understated vegetables out there – cauliflower. After using it to make a number of sides across our mouth-watering menus, we then ferment any leftover leaves to make the much-loved Korean dish that is kimchi.

Simple to make but bursting with vibrant flavours from the other side of the world, it’s an awesome example of how we can continue to make something delicious out of those foods we’re initially tempted to just throw out. An indulgent meal that’s guilt free at the same time? You know where to head to for that.

Simply click here to find out more about the Food Waste Action Week campaign.


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