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Turbot Time at the SKB


Seafood Restaurant in Kent Celebrates Turbot Time

If you’ve been paying attention to Sankey’s social media this week, you’d have seen we recently took the delivery of a whopping 10kg turbot over at the Seafood Kitchen & Bar! Don’t worry though, we didn’t try to squeeze it into the oven or make any other wild attempts to cook it whole, but instead simply cut it into 200g steaks to pan fry on the bone alongside wild mushrooms and truffle.

While we (and our diners) got to enjoy the taste of this magnificent flatfish, here are a few other reasons as to why you should be fascinated by the tantalising turbot:

1.       There’s reason to believe this fish was a popular delicacy in the Roman Empire with it being referenced in Juvenal’s satirical poem The Emperor’s Fish. With its Mediterranean roots and gorgeous flavours, it’s no surprise that turbot has stood the test of time.

2.       The Mediterranean isn’t the only place you’ll find turbot though, as it’s in fact mainly abundant in the North Sea and around the British Isles. Therefore your Sankey’s meal won’t only be delicious, but sustainable too.

3.       Famed for its distinct appearance, some say its name has been inspired by the Latin word ‘turbo’ which means spinning top. That must explain why we have so much fun playing with it down in the kitchen.

4.        It’s one of the most readily consumed flatfish in all of the UK, prized for its subtle yet rich flavours as well as its flaky white flesh.

5.       Although we recently pan fried our fillets, the beauty of turbot is that it can be cooked in a number of ways. Baked, steamed, or poached, there are plenty of flavours waiting to be discovered in the kitchen.

We hope that’s got you a bit closer acquainted to the fantastic fish that is turbot, so keep checking back at our restaurants for when it makes a return to our menu. Alternatively, if you fancy getting to grips with it from the comfort of home, why not visit our Fishmongers to find your catch of the day?

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