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The New(ish) Oyster Experience at the Old Fishmarket


 Market Restaurant Kent Serves New(ish) Oyster Experience

Okay so we might be slightly late to the party, but considering we had a closer look at both the cooked and raw oysters on offer at the Old Fishmarket a few months back, it’s only right we fill you in on what’s changed with our selection of shellfish:



Champonzu – For a taste of the Far East here in sunny Tunny, give these bad boys a try. Served with an herby shiso sauce and a kick from wasabi, they’ll provide a real fusion of flavours to excite the tastebuds.

Diablo Verde – Devilish by name, heavenly by nature. These oysters come accompanied by a tomatillo salsa, smoked oil, and coriander to leave the table next to you green with envy – if they haven’t ordered these already that is!



Cumbrae Rocks – Shipped in from the West Coast of Scotland, the Firth of Clyde to be exact, there’s more to these guys than just their firm and meaty texture. Salty on the nose, they’ve got that classic coppery flavour combined with deep wood and nutty notes too.

Ostra Regal – Crossing the Irish sea(and then the country itself), these oysters from Sligo are truly in a league of their own. Known for their high meat ratio, guests can also enjoy plenty of sweet yet subtle flavours for a well-balanced experience on the palate.

Gillardeau Number 4 – In our opinion these are the Rolls-Royce of oysters, and you’ll understand why if you give them a try. Firm, nutty, and the most premium on our menu, it’s no surprise the Gillardeau family have been wowing diners across the continent for almost two centuries.


We know that’s a lot of information, but don’t worry if you feel out of your depth as our Happy Hour is the perfect entry point to get used to the oyster experience. Head to either the Old Fishmarket or Seafood Kitchen & Bar between 4pm and 5pm every Friday, and enjoy the classic Colchester rocks for just £1 a shuck. Once you’ve done that, feel free to tackle the beauties listed above!

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