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The Mighty Fishfinger Sarnie


Market Restaurant Kent Try Our Mighty Fish Finger Sarnie

We know you guys like to keep a watchful eye over our social media channels, which is why we can also hazard a pretty good guess that plenty of lips were smacking recently at the sight of our fabulous Fishfinger Sarnie. Only available up on Mount Ephraim between mid-day and 3pm, we think it’s the definition of quality pub grub - putting a Sankey’s spin on a classic and much-loved bite.

But where did all this love come from?

The story starts back in 1955, well probably a bit before that, when a certain Mr Scott developed the fishfinger at Birds Eye’s Great Yarmouth factory, then introduced it at a Brighton sales conference that very year. Obviously delicious on their own, and savoured by kids and grown-ups alike, the next step was naturally for us Brits to throw a few in a sandwich. We’ve never looked back since.

Of course, they’ve evolved slightly over time though as we experiment with what those from across the pond would call ‘Fish sticks’ (yeah don’t get us started), and it’s fascinating to see such a simple sandwich have so many variations. In fact, back in 2017 this was honoured with the Fish Finger Sandwich Awards that were open to both the public and professionals like ourselves. Unfortunately it was only a one-off event, and we’re gutted because we’d definitely be gunning for that top spot with our creation.

Breaded fish goujons, tartar sauce, and shredded baby gem lettuce make up our sarnie, but the exciting factor is that the bread we keep all those flavours inside can change dependent on what’s freshly baked. That way you’ll be in for a different experience every time you try it!

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