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Fresh Seafood Restaurant Tunbridge Wells Sunday Specials

We’re sure all the upcoming talk about Christmas dinners has got you thinking of switching up your Sunday lunches for the foreseeable future, and that’s where the Sankey’s team at the Seafood Kitchen & Bar is more than happy to step in. Swap out the dining room or country pub for our classy Victorian manor house, then take a seat to browse our end of the week menu that’s unlike any other.

We’re all about whetting your appetite prior to you swinging by though, so allow us to provide a cheeky glimpse of what you can expect when dining with us on a Sunday:

Native ½ Lobster - We’re starting with the best here, at least in our opinion, as it’s the real definition of a Sankey’s spin on a Sunday dinner. Fully dressed and served with garlic butter, this one is the most indulgent of ways to celebrate getting through another week.

Scottish Hake – The Spanish call Hake the ‘King of the Sea’, so it’s no wonder this one makes its way onto our special Sunday menu. Sweet and slightly more pronounced than cod, it’s a great option if you’re taking things on the lighter side at the end of the week.

Roast Sirloin of Beef – Okay so we know we said we like to do things differently here at Sankey’s, but you can never go wrong with the classics. A definite crowd pleaser, this one’s there to be enjoyed whether you’re a traditionalist or not.

Roast Pork Belly – Always an option if you feel like pigging out, our cut of pork is cooked to perfection and served with a caramelised Bramley apple sauce for a beautiful blend of sweet and savoury.

Vegetarian & Vegan Roasts – So we’ve covered what’s available for the meat eaters and pescatarians among you, but we haven’t forgotten about all the veggies either. Just as delicious as the rest of the menu, we’ve got our mouth-watering mushroom and spinach wellington that’s light and flaky on the outside, but wonderfully juicy within.


They’re the stars of the show, but things wouldn’t be the same without the supporting cast of our appetising sides. All dishes come served with seasonal trimmings, roast potatoes, and bottomless gravy for that complete Sunday experience. Don’t forget you can also get a bit cheesy too, so why not top things off with either some cauliflower cheese or mac & cheese?

They do say it pays to be prepared, so we imagine your stomach’s rumbling right now as you head on over to the bookings section of our website to guarantee the highlight of your weekend. Don’t worry if you’re reading this on a Sunday morning though, as we always keep a number of tables free for walk ins – we like to call them the Unbookables.

For a full view of the Sunday menu and the rest of the offerings to be enjoyed at the Seafood Kitchen & Bar, just head to this link:

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