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Something Special from Squerryes


Seafood Market & Vineyard in Kent Collaborates

After reading our most recent blog post exploring the many wonderful seafood pairings to be made with a glass of Squerryes’ exquisite Brut vintages, there’s no doubt you’ll want to see what else can tickle the taste buds when it comes to their equally impressive sparkling Rosé and Blanc de Blancs.

Fortunately we’re eager to provide that very information, so stay with us and let’s explore the rest of the Westerham vineyard’s wine list that’s exclusive to the Old Fishmarket…


A Touch of Pink

Displaying a delicate pink hue, it’s certainly easy to be enticed by Squerryes’ iconic Rosé – and that’s even before you’ve had a chance to experience its gorgeous aromas and notes. Prior to us exploring the combinations to be had with this unique sparkling wine though, allow us to provide a brief overview on what makes it so special:

Vintage Rosé2018 – Beautiful with real finesse, this Rosé vintage has a fresh nose of summer pudding followed up by notes of ripe strawberries and cream upon touching the palate. Possessing a soft and smooth finish too, it’s no surprise that a glass is well suited to a summer’s evening, or one simply spent with those closest to you year-round.

When it comes to an ideal food pairing, the Rosé’s distinct colour is a good indication of what to go for as the wine allows bright flavours to really shine through. If you’re feeling fancy go for a tuna tartare that’s as sophisticated as the Rosé itself, or alternatively if you want to satisfy a sweet tooth it also goes great with a number of desserts!

Speaking of summer, the Rosé works wonderfully with heat in a number of a ways. Not only can it help lift spice with its mix of lush red fruits, but it can also cool it down given its soft finish. Naturally therefore we’d suggest something slightly spicy inspired from the coast of India, or even something as classic as salt and pepper calamari – just don’t forget a sprinkling of fresh chilli!


Getting Things White

In a case of doing exactly what it says on the tin, well bottle in this case, a Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine is made only from white grapes, specifically Chardonnay. In fact, this is what sets the wine apart from its Brut cousin as it’s produced using only one variety of grape rather than a subtle blend. Tempted? So are we…

2016 Vintage Blanc de Blancs – Described by owner Henry Warde as the ‘finest wine to leave the estate’, this vintage has a complex nose of freshly baked pastries married with pink grapefruit. Creamy and fruity on the palate, it too gives way to Squerryes’ signature smooth finish.

Despite the aforementioned differences, it’s difficult to ignore the sparkling wine’s similarities to the Brut when it comes to delightful seafood pairings. Savour an oyster or perhaps caviar with a crisp glass as they match both the intensity and freshness of the wine, let alone simply looking elegant alongside each other. As sophisticated as it is though, the Blanc de Blancs even works well with deep fried foods such as a timeless fish and chips!


With all this information you’ll be asking for a job as a sommelier plying your trade on the Pantiles! There isn’t a vacancy for that position just yet though, so instead we encourage you to explore many of these wonderful pairings with something special from the fishmongers or, even better, simply share a bottle while dining with us at the Old Fishmarket. We hope to see you soon!

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