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Sankey's Oyster Happy Hour


Oyster Happy Hour at Seafood Restaurant in Kent

There’s a reason why pretty much everyone loves Fridays; for most it’s the end of the working week, the pub’s atmosphere is better than ever, and, obviously, it’s when Sankey’s Oyster Happy Hour takes place!

If you’re fortunate to clock off a bit early, you’ll want to head you head to either the Old Fishmarket or Seafood Kitchen & Bar from 4-5pm and make the most out of these magical 60 minutes when we serve oysters at just £1-a-shuck.

It isn’t solely about how many you can get down you though, as enjoying these shellfish is an experience if anything. Naturally therefore, we’re on hand to take you under our wing and show you what makes a great oyster happy hour.

We’ll start off with the molluscs themselves first though - that’s the fancy word for shellfish such as clams, oysters, scallops and mussels.

We eat with our eyes some might say, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to oysters. They should look full in their shell, be slightly opaque, and have a healthy amount of seawater on show to reflect their freshness. First impressions count for us at Sankey’s, which is why we source ours from Richard Haward in Colchester whose family have been cultivating their wild rock oysters for over 8 generations and are known for their year-round consistency.

You might not want to have them just as they are though, which is why we serve ours with the classic accompaniment of a wedge of lemon and a mignonette dressing made from shallots and red wine vinegar. Oysters can be quite creamy and briny, so this is a great way to offset those flavours with something sharp.

A Happy Hour wouldn’t be complete with a glass of liquid refreshment though, so to top things off we’ve got a few pointers as to what to swig on as well. For sophistication as well as flavour, the most obvious choice that comes to mind is a glass of champagne or sparkling wine, especially as the bubbles and acidity contrast greatly with the creaminess of the shellfish. After all, there’s a reason why we decided to partner with Squerryes for their award-winning bottles of bubbly.

That’s not all though, as with many amazing gins behind our bar you’re bound to find the right blend of botanicals that compliment an oyster – just think along the lines of something light and subtly fruity. Alternatively, if you’re feeling bold, a stout such as Guinness always works a treat given that its bitterness goes hand in hand with the saltiness of the shellfish too!

We think we’ve covered a few bases there, so the next step is to draw up those plans and kickstart your weekend with the Oyster Happy Hour. Don’t worry if you’re reading this at 3.55pm on a Friday afternoon though, as we now keep several of our tables free for those of you who fancy a spontaneous outing to Sankey’s.

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