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The current COVID crisis has made us all look at the way we work - and we’re no different here at Sankey’s. We’re always looking at ways to improve how we operate, and making changes that have a positive impact on our customers, as well as ourselves.

One of these areas is our opening hours, so we’ve decided to close our Seafood Kitchen & Bar on Mondays and Tuesdays, and Old Fishmarket on Sundays and Mondays. After crunching the numbers, we realised that the benefits of closing two days a week are numerable.

For example, traditionally, our senior team members wouldn’t see some of their junior teams for four days, due to how the days off fell. By everyone having the same two days off, we get to work with each other for the rest of the week, subsequently allowing for improvements across the board in training, consistency, and the quality of our product.

In regard to consistency, at Sankey’s, we’re firm believers in a sensible work-life balance, so by offering far more flexibility to our teams, and allowing them to have more time off to spend with their families and friends, we’re able to stay true our principles.

Although this decision will affect turnover initially, we’re convinced that we’ll reap the rewards of fully rested, trained, and motivated staff - and that can only be a good thing, right?

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