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Seafood Restaurant Kent Introducing New Fish to the Menu

At Sankey’s we’re in the business of cooking up a storm for you to enjoy the best the seas have to offer, and with our ‘Fish of the Day’ changing erm well...daily, we thought it’d make sense to give you a glimpse into those we’ve most enjoyed getting our hands on recently.


Here’s one for you - What do you call a lazy crawfish? A slobster.

Okay we feel bad for that awful dad joke, and even worse for giving these magnificent creatures a bad rap. In fact, they were once so highly prized by the French and Spanish that only recently have stocks appeared to recover from decades of overfishing. Growing healthily in number now in Cornish waters, we encourage you to enjoy them while you can.

Megrim Sole

“A fish that only a mother could love?” was once the headline in an issue of The Independent several years back when describing this admittedly odd sounding and looking fish. However with its recent rebranding as the Cornish Sole, we’re keen to be part of the movement that gives it the credit it deserves.

Although it’s flavour might not be to everyone’s taste, their larger size always makes for a hearty meal and one that’s sustainable too with their vast stocks in the Atlantic and Mediterranean Seas.

Wild Bass

Nicknamed ‘The King of the Sea', it’s easy to understand why these beauties are a staple of our menu at The Old Fish Market.

Wild bass will never be the cheapest option but with its delicate flavour and deliciously firm but flaky flesh, it’s got to be up there as one of the best fish to eat. Not only are they appetising though, they’re also a great low-fat source of protein and anti-oxidants – although we doubt you’ll be thinking about that when you’re enjoying one with wild mushrooms, spinach and truffle cream at our restaurant.


To round things off we’ve got one of the most versatile fish out there. Sardines.

Yes we know many are enjoyed from a tin with crackers, but we’re thinking about holidays to the Mediterranean when we’d chuck freshly caught sardines on the grill to toss into a delicious salad or pasta.

Small, light and nutrient rich, it’s hard to go wrong with these gems.

That’s not all though, so keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming post in which we’ll reveal even more fish we’ve had the pleasure of serving up this summer including hake, mackerel and spider crabs...

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