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Finding the Perfect Pairing with Squerryes


Old Fish Market & Vineyard in Kent Collaborates

If you’ve been paying attention to our social channels, you’ll know how delighted we were to recently extend our exclusivity deal with Squerryes making The Old Fishmarket the only venue to stock five of the Westerham vineyard’s premium sparkling wines.  

Despite being elegant aperitifs on their own, there’s a reason they take pride of place behind our bar and that’s because we truly believe they can enhance your experience when dining with us on the Pantiles. That’s not to say it’s the only place in which to sip on something sparkling though, as if you’re fortunate enough to take home one of Squerryes’ award-winning bottles, our fishmongers is bound to have something just right.

Looking for the perfect pairing? Keep on reading…

Getting Brut-al

From the 2011Vintage up to that of 2017’s, Squerryes’ range of Brut sparkling wines are arguably the pick of the bunch and really encapsulate what our vision of what a classic Champagne and Seafood bar should offer.

It goes without saying therefore that a wine such as this works tremendously well alongside something equally as sophisticated as oysters, caviar, or lobster. Not only do the two look the part, but the fruity acidity of the Brut provides a refreshing balance to the rich flavour and creaminess of the oyster.

Nevertheless, and perhaps to many people’s surprise, a grand sparkling variety can also be a great accompaniment to deep-fried seafood such as squid! On one hand the bubbles should help cleanse the mouth of any unwanted oils, but the citrus fruit flavours of a Brut will provide a much-needed balance to the general saltiness as well.

A Helping Hand

It’s important to remember however that every vintage is different from the last, so before you head to the Pantiles to conduct your very own taste test we thought we’d give you a glimpse into what each bottle is all about:

2011 Vintage Brut – If you’re looking for one of the world’s best wines, this is it. Those aren’t our words either, but those of Decanter’s who were left seriously impressed by the complex variety of flavours in this vintage. Expect a nose of pear with a hint of honey, then on the palate experience a blend of warm almond croissant and creamy Chardonnay fruit for a pure finish.

2014 Vintage Brut – Awarded ‘Best in Class’ at the 2020 World Championships of Champagne and Sparkling Wine, it’s no surprise that the freshness and rich intensity of orchard fruits left a lasting impression on the judges. Simply a stunning wine, serving in a Magnum was the only way to go for this vintage.

2017 Vintage Brut – Perhaps the fruitiest of the lot, this vintage is bursting with ripe red apples and peaches as well as having an underlying creamy richness. A real crowd pleaser, especially with its classic long fresh finish typical of any Squerryes sparkling wine.

That’s not all though, so keep your eyes peeled for a future post in which we’ll explore the flavours and wonderful seafood pairings to be made with the vineyard’s iconic Rosé and Blanc de Blancs…

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