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Boost your brain by eating fish


Seafood Restaurant Kent on the Benefits from Eating Fish

At home, the Old Fishmarket or up on Mount Ephraim, it’s safe to say some of our happiest memories have revolved around enjoying something delicious from the sea. Although we like to think the cracking Sankey’s atmosphere is responsible for putting asmile on your face, there are plenty of reasons to suggest our fishy friends have a part to play in keeping your mental health in tip-top condition too.


When it comes to the brain, perhaps contrary to first impressions, we actually need fatty acids to keep it functioning well – especially considering that 60% of it is made up of fat in the first place! The ones that we need to keep an eye out for in particular are omega 3 and 6, with an emphasis on the former as they make up half of that fat.

Furthermore, it’s those omega-3 acids that can be found in more oily fish that help to build brain and nerve cells essential for learning and memory. Therefore, it’s not surprising to hear that an increased consumption of fatty fish has been proven to decrease the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Regardless of any particular conditions though, another study revealed that a meal with salmon 3 times per week led to improvements in both sleep and subsequent daily functioning. After all, everyone knows how much better we feel after a proper night’s kip.


Our mental health doesn’t simply revolve around our ability to function though, and hereat Sankey’s we encourage everyone to focus on their own wellbeing to live a happy life as best as possible. Unfortunately today depression is one the biggest illnesses modern society faces, but we’re glad that seafood can be of some assistance in alleviating its symptoms.

Again those all-importantomega-3 acids are at the forefront of things, with one theory being that it can stimulate the activity of dopamine and serotonin which, when imbalanced, are the two signalling chemicals responsible for contributing to the condition.

In fact, the American Psychiatric Association has encouraged the consumption of fish because of its effectiveness in trialled treatments of depression. Studies have shown that those who incorporate seafood into their regular diet are 20% less likely than their peers to suffer from the illness, believed to be because of its anti-inflammatory properties and the fact that an increase in the brain’s grey matter can help to regulate our emotions.

A final word…

We don’t claim to be medical professionals or anything of the like, and there are a number of amazing charities, trusts and organisations out there to help you or your loved ones with the delicate issue of mental health. Nevertheless, we’re just happy to shine some light on the foods we love to not only celebrate their fantastic flavours, but the good they can do as well.

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