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What would a pub be without a cracking range of beers on tap? Although we’re just as proud of our collection of fantastic wines and spirits over at the Seafood Kitchen& Bar, as well as a few softer options, we’re never too shy to shout about our role at the forefront of the recent ‘craft beer revolution’.

The biggest indicator of that is arguably the most eye-catching feature of our Mount Ephraim site’s interior - the huge board listing all the wonderful brews we have in cask and keg down in our cellar. We know it can be difficult being thrust into the limelight expected to make a perfect decision though, especially when there’s a growing queue at the bar, so we thought we’d give you the low-down on a few of our favourites to enjoy the next time you’re in:

Gueze Tilquin (5.3%)

A great entry point to the world of Lambic beers, this on draft delight is brewed in the Senne Valley of Belgium using a blend of both low-alcoholic and matured March beers for a truly unique flavour. Tart and dry on the palate, its biggest draw is simply how refreshing it is all year round.

Everstone (5.8%)

This is our go-to if we’re ever after a Hazy IPA, mainly because we think The Wild Beer Co. over in Somerset have got this one spot on. A complex blend of malts, hops, and fermentation flavour, expect a burst of stone fruit juiciness when sipping this one as well as a touch of toasty spice from flaked oats.

Pine Trail (0.5%)

We don’t want anyone to miss out when they visit the Seafood Kitchen & Bar, so this gem from Big Drop is a must try for those who are gluten free, driving, or simply taking things on the lighter side. On the nose you’ll enjoy a few floral aromas, and on the palate you can experience a citrus bite accompanied by a balanced level of bitterness.

Club Tropica (5.5%)

The clue’s in the name as to why this one is our Tropical IPA of choice. A party in a pint glass, this fruity delight from Tiny Rebel is what you get when you slice pineapples, squeeze mangos, crush peaches, and pummel passionfruit into an IPA.

Bristol Crush (3.2%)

From the south-west to the south-east, this one-of-a-kind brew from Wiper & True takes the crown when it comes to a grapefruit session sour. We could go on about its fruity zing, pillowy mouthfeel, and tartness, but truth be told the best way to describe it is simply sunshine in a glass.

Table Beer (3%)

Brewed by The Kernel, yes we spelt that right, this is a relatively lower ABV pale ale that doesn’t compromise on flavour or character. That’s because the main focus of the Bermondsey brewery is making the most out of the bold aromas derived from their stellar selection of hops.


Now we don’t know about you, but we’ve had a tremendous thirst come on all of a sudden. In fact, we don’t think we could possibly continue listing the rest of beers until we’ve wet the whistle with

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