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A Brief History of Mount Ephraim


Seafood Restaurant in Kent on Mount Ephraim

You might recall that a few months back we provided a fascinating insight into the history of The Pantiles, explaining why there’s so much more to the Old Fishmarket experience than just the food, oysters, and champagne we serve all our guests in the heart of town. Well we’re back once again with our textbooks in hand to tell you a little bit more about Mount Ephraim, and why the location of the Seafood Kitchen & Bar is just as interesting when you delve a bit deeper.

It’s no secret how proud we are of the Victorian manor house that now accommodates our much-loved pub, but development in this part of Tunbridge Wells actually started over a century before the Queen’s birth with houses erected at the turn of the 18th century. Why this location? A combination of height and distance, of course.

At 130 metres above sea level, it provided cracking views of the town, and still does by the way, all while being separated from the ‘hustle and bustle’ of its lower levels that included the increasingly popular Georgian parade that is The Pantiles. The charming contrast between these spots became so popular that in 1739 the Tunbridge Wells Act had to be passed in order to prevent any buildings from being constructed on the common without prior consent.

It was this decisive step that arguably led to the area being defined as a place to rest, recuperate and take part in recreational activities – going hand in hand with the future establishment of lodging houses including our very own.

It’s for these few reasons that we’ve developed a newfound appreciation for the Seafood Kitchen & Bar, and not just because of its rustic charm and period features. The way in which our customers use the pub can all be traced back centuries to those who mapped out the town, so when you’re tucking into something delicious after a brisk walk on the common or heading to Sankey’s as a part of a bar crawl into town, you know who to thank.

We know it was thirsty, and hungry, work learning about this subject, so why not check out the SKB’s menus right here to plan what you’ll be having the next time you visit?

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