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Fresh Seafood Tunbridge Wells Hosts Comedy Night

After all the fun of Pub in the Park, we’re keeping the party alive with our Comedy Night at the Seafood Kitchen and Bar from 7pm on July 1! Speaking of keeping things going; this brilliant event is still a part of the Tunbridge Wells Fringe Festival, highlighting and giving a platform to talented local acts while supporting several of the town’s popular venues too.

That’s not all this event will be good for though, as it will also be raising money for the fantastic Refugease UK, who you can learn a little bit more about below.



Describing themselves as a “small ‘n’ mighty” NGO, these guys work tirelessly to support those affected by conflicts across the globe through the following principles:

Humanitarian Aid – Serving both refugee camps and those in transit with locally purchased life-saving aid.

Awareness – Teaching children at home about current conflicts, such as where and what’s happening, as well as how they can help.

Education & Empowerment – Supporting young refugees with an education to build on in later life, while also upskilling adult refugees to enter the workforce and build a stable career.


With such a great cause, and a hilarious line up of acts scheduled to perform, grab your last-minute tickets via this link


For more information on Refugease, click here

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