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TW Fringe at Sankey's


Fresh Seafood Restaurant Tunbridge Wells Joins Fringe Festival!

It’s not just Pub in the Park we’relooking forward to right now, but the Tunbridge Wells Fringe Festival too! Thisbrilliant occasion that takes place across town from th untilthe 1is all about celebrating performers, artists, and creativeidividuals of all ages with a series of entertaining events – so you just knowwe had to get involved with things.

We’ll be kicking off on Sunday 10thfrom mid-day at the Seafood Kitchen & Bar, so check below for the awesome acts we have lined up that’ll help you round off your week in riveting fashion:


Jimmy Judges Presents an A to Z of Fish and Chips

Where better to perform a show like this than at Sankey’s? Labelled as “deep-fried cod-medy infotainment”, expect to learn plenty of facts about the nation’s classic cuisine with a side of jokes and melodies to keep you satisfied.

Jody Kamali: Ironing Board Man

A silent comedy guided by an epic soundtrack, join Jody on a cinematic journey from crime capers to romantic thrillers and many more – just don’t forget the ironing board! Described by Harry Hill as “brilliant, original, visual comedy”, if it’s good enough for the King of the TV Burp, it’s good enough for us.

Emily Louise Davis: Blodwen’s in Town

Centred around leaving home and the excitement of ‘first times’, we’ll all be able to relate (and chuckle) to the adventures of Blodwen in this one-woman comedy. “A witty musical masterpiece”, join us for this one if you’re a fan of cabaret with a spin.


That’s not all though, as you won’twant to miss our fantastic comedy night on Wednesday as well inaid of Refugease. For more information and to purchase your tickets, click here

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