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Matthew’s Spaghetti Vongole


Matthew’s Spaghetti Vongole recipe

Ingredients for four


1kg Palourdes Clams, cleaned under the tap

100g Flat leaf parsley

4 gloves garlic

1 banana shallot

Handful of cherry tomatoes (10/12 is a handful)

Large glass white wine (250ml if your measuring)

400g spaghetti

Decent olive oil

1 red chilli




The first job is to prepare all your ingredients.  

·     Pick the leaves from the parsley and then dice the stems finely.  

·     Dice the shallot and the chilli, grate or crush the garlic.


Cook the spaghetti as per the instructions in very saltywater.  8/10 mins for al dente works for me, you’re going to cook on a little bit so don’t panic.  If you do this first run some olive oil through the spaghetti or it will stick together when out of the water.


In a deep sided frying pan or large saucepan, one that youhave a lid for please, heat the olive oil.


Add the shallots, chilli, and parsley stalks.  Wait for a few mins before adding the garlic and the tomatoes – try not to colour any of this, we are just looking to soften them down and extract their sweet flavours.


Once the tomatoes start to soften add the white wine andbring to the boil, pour in the clams and pop on the lid.  I’ve got a glass lid so I can watch the clams opening, when they are all half open I remove there lid and then mix in thecooked spaghetti.  This usually takes about 5 mins.


Give it all a good mix, then add the parsley and give it another mix before serving straight to the table or dividing to bowls.


Serve with fresh lemon, plenty of bread for mopping up thesauce and a great crisp white wine.

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