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Market Restaurant Tubridge Wells for Private & Pop-Up Events

At Sankey’s we might boss things when it comes to making a slap-up fish and chips, but you won’t find us on a takeaway menu anytime soon. That’s not to say you can’t get a taste of Tunbridge Wells’ best bites from the comfort of your own home though, as our team are happy to be dragged anywhere (for the right price that is).

Here’s what we offer:

Private Chefs

Ever wondered where you even start with cooking a whole lobster or preparing a catch of the day? Watch and learn as our chefs make the most out of your kitchen to put on a culinary show full of flavour and theatrics. Oh, and you get your dinner cooked for you too – bonus.

Event & Pop-Up Style Catering

Cucumber sandwiches and a few bowls of crisps definitely don’t cut it, at least not for us. Liven up your event with a few Po’ Boy Baps or New England Lobster Rolls to impress the staff, friends, family or simply anyone. We’re known to attract a crowd too, so hiring us for a pop-up appearance at yours is a no brainer as well.

Mobile Bar

Forget that last minute rush to Sainsbury’s and the inevitable wince-inducing drink that’s made after pouring what you think is a single measure but is definitely a triple. Our bar comes fully stocked with a range of beers, wines and spirits, plus a handy helper to do the hard part for you. Just sit back and sip.

If any of the above has given you the idea to hold a Sankey’s inspired event at your home or unique venue, don’t hesitate to get in touch via the link below!

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