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Market Restaurant Kent Introduce New Lindy Hop beer

You may have read back in September that we were in the process of brewing up something special with the hops grown in the Seafood Kitchen & Bar’s Garden, and we’re proud to say our creation has now come to life!

To save you the effort of scrolling back to that blog post though, we’ll do you a favour and provide a quick recap as to what our collaboration with the brilliant team over at Only With Love is all about:

Speaking of which though, we can’t start things off without giving a big shout out to the guys themselves over at the East Sussex based brewery, without who this wouldn’t have been possible. Starting off only last year, albeit with a few years of brewing experience under their belts, the team of Steve and Roger set out to do things the only way they knowhow – with love.

More objectively though, they’re guided by their mission to produce amazing kombuchas and beers made using only the freshest ingredients in the most sustainable of ways. The ‘Love’ part isn’t particularly difficult to grasp either though, as it simply encompasses their positive approach to the environment, communities around us, and everything else in between. Although young, with what they’ve produced already we’re sure these guys have a bright future ahead of them.

You came here for the beer though, right? Fair enough, we’ll get to that now then.

Our new Lindy Hop beer is a transatlantic pale ale in every sense of the word. For starters, it makes the most out of both British and American hops with the latter known for their punchier flavours, while our very own are famed for their bitterness as well as few fruity notes themselves too. Subsequently it was that cross-continent connection that inspired the branding for our brew, and who better to name it after than the first pilot to make the trip across the pond – Charles Lindbergh.

We’re not the first to name something after this talented chap however, as the folks back in the 1930s celebrated his efforts with the jazz and swing dance aptly labelled the Lindy Hop. Although it might take a few glasses to get us up and jiving, we wouldn’t be surprised if this fantastic beer gets your toes tapping from the very first sip.

Available on draft at our Mount Ephraim site, or by the can down at the Old Fishmarket, you’ll want to get your lips on this one-of-a-kind brew before it gets inspired by its namesake and flies away...

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