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British Food Fortnight with Sankey's


Seafood Restaurant in Kent British Food Fortnight

As much as we like to consider ourselves well-travelled and enjoy cuisines from all around the world, there’s nothing like cooking locally sourced produce to create some truly amazing tasting dishes. That’s why we had to get involved in British Food Fortnight spearheaded by the Love British Food team.

The intention of this campaign is simple; for us Brits to discover, or perhaps rediscover, the diverse and mouth-watering food made available to us in this very country. By buying British arguably everyone’s a winner, as one hand you lovely people get to enjoy the fantastic flavours fresh produce has to offer, and on the other, farmers and fishers can be paid fairly for their hard work as well as reinvesting back into their respective industries.

So how can you get involved?

Given our set up there are actually several ways in which you can take part in British Food Fortnight with Sankey’s.

Take the trip to Mount Ephraim’s Seafood Kitchen & Bar or the Old Fishmarket, and let us take the stress of cooking away from you with a meal to remember. Supporting the British Food AND Hospitality industry while sat down with a cracking dish in front of you? Call that a win-win-win.

Alternatively, if you’ve been inspired by a trip to one of our sites or even just after browsing our social media pages, why not rustle up something special in your own kitchen after visiting the Sankey’s Fishmongers? All our catches are sustainably sourced, traceable, and naturally of the highest quality for you to enjoy at home.

Although this campaign only goes on for a fortnight up until Sunday 3rd October, we’d love for this local and national approach towards food to be adopted all year round.


For more information on the British Food Fortnight and the work of Love British Food, simply head over to their website -

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