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A Team Effort at The Pantiles Food Festival


 Market Restaurant Kent Joins The Pantiles Food Festival

Coming to The Pantiles Food Festival onthe weekend? Of course you are. If you’ve beenliving under a rock though and aren’t quite sure what’s going on, then we’lljust have to remind you that on the 14tand 1 e’llbe sponsoring and setting up our very own stall at Tunbridge Wells’entertaining homage to local cuisine. As proud as we are of our involvement asthe headline name on the event’s poster, we just wanted to take some time to givea shoutout to the other brilliant organisations that have made this allpossible:

The Tunbridge Wells Hotel – As much as we love the charm and intimate atmosphere of the Old Fishmarket, it’s safe to say we’ll be a tad jealous of the hotel’s front row seats to the bandstand action – especially when Matthew’s up there! Forget the building itself though, as this whole festival wouldn’t be taking place if it wasn’t for all the hard work of iconic owner Julian Leefe-Griffiths who continues to make The Pantiles one of the region’s go-to destinations.

Fancy a relaxing stay after dining a tour champagne and oyster bar? You’ll fall in love with the comfort and luxury of their rooms.

Fuller's – Whilst our fishmongers are known for supplying the region with some of the best seafood around, these guys do exactly the same with their quality cuts of meat. Selling a wide range of deli items too as well as cheeses, fruits and vegetables at their farm shop, it’ll certainly be a food festival every time you pay them a visit on Bunny Lane. Like us, they’re not just sponsors either as they’ll have their own stall and will be making a bandstand appearance on Sunday at 2.30pm.


They say team work makes the dream work,and we can’t wait to collaborate in just a few days to make this one of the best Food Festivals yet!

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