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The Perfect Platter


The Perfect Platter

Here are Matthews Tips for the perfcet platter;

The trick with a platter is to work out how many your going to be feeding to start with, your going to want about 250grams of protein for each guest.

Start with the centre piece and then work round that. For me it would be both crab and lobster and to feed four I’d suggest one crab and one lobster to share.

Then I like to add some smoked fish, smoked mackerel makes an excellent pate when mixed with creme fraiche, horseradish & chives. Smoked salmon adds some wonderful colour to the show & anchovies bring a sharpness to the event and gently mixed with smoked paprika will give them a little kick too.

Prawns, these are oftern overlooked and I’d double up here, about three or four crevettes per person should do it, these are the larger prawns, but people always miss the greenlands, a good handfull each please. Sure they are smaller but they are so sweet and succulent. They come to us frozen so always leave time for your prawns to defost gently overnight on the fridge, dont wash them in the sink, they will loose all their flavour and texture.

Lets talk about shells, the best way to eat these in a platter is cold, so steam them off in advance and let them cool in the fridge before adorning your platter with these jewels. Mussels and clams are perfect but for a real trick why not try some scallops too, create a little cerviche and set them in the scallop shell for something new and bold.

Finally oysters, ok not everyones cup of tea but there is nothing quite a refreshing as an oyster and I think they add that all important layer of oppulance to a platter.

Failing that we can open up the caviar jar too if you like….

Complete your platter with some really good mayonaise, crusty bread and plenty of crisp white wine.

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