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We’ve given you enough time now to get your hands on our Dover Sole meal kit, so we’re shaking things up by giving you a glimpse into what’s in store (literally) if you feel like going for our Skate and Capers offering.

If you read our previous blog on these kits, you’ll know that they’re a great way to impress the nearest and dearest from the comfort of your own kitchen with top quality fish, a few special sides, and a cracking wine to pair it all with.

Without any further ado, let’s skate away and see what this one is all about:


Skate Wings (x2) - For some reason skate isn’t as popular as we think it should be, which is why we’re trying to bring it to the masses with our easy-to-use kits. Some have their qualms about it, but when fresh, like all our fish are, it hits just the right spot with a slightly firm texture and sweet shellfish-like flavour.

The best thing about skate being in our meal kit is that although it does take some preparation, it really allows you to test your skills or show off your creative flair whether you’re frying, poaching, or even steaming your wings.


Capers – A match made in heaven with skate, you’ll want to throw these beauties into the pan just as the fish is almost done. They’ll make your dish even more indulgent when drizzled in melted butter too, as their citrusy bursts and tangy flavour will give it an extra edge that’ll really wow both yours and your guests’ taste buds.


Wine – The same as our Dover Sole kit, we offer our customers the choice to throw in a bottle of Yealands’ Signature Sauvignon Blanc for the perfect pairing. It is just that though, a choice, as there are many varieties out there that work wonderfully with skate. Sip on a glass of Chablis between bites for its apple-like acidity, or make things extra sophisticated with a bit of bubbly from the Champagne region or perhaps one of the amazing vineyards we have here in this country. The possibilities aren’t quite endless, but there are plenty to work your way through with this fish.


If that all sounds up your street and has got you licking your lips at the thought of tucking in, why not take our Skate and Capers meal kit home via the link below? Remember that’s not all though, as we’ll soon be telling you all about our third and final option –just keep those eyes peeled!!/Skate-And-Capers-Meal-Kit-For-2/p/263819139/category=49647184

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