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Seafood Restaurant in Kent Serves Wonderful Varieties of Caviar

If you love your seafood just as much as you love indulging, then there’s no doubt you’ll have experienced the joys of caviar a few times in your life. That being said if you’re yet to try these delicious eggs, we’re here to bust the myth that they’re only reserved for the elites of society nor do you necessarily have to break the bank to get your hands on a tin.

That’s where our fishmongers step in; so keep reading on as we go through the wonderful varieties we offer that are best enjoyed on their own, with a glass of sparkling, or atop a blini – that’s a miniature crepe if you didn’t know.

Black Caviar

Otherwise known as Lumpfish Roe, these eggs are a great alternative to caviar that when handled right, can really resemble the real thing. Lightly salted and still offering the distinctive popping feel with gentle pressure from the mouth, grab a few jars and your dinner party guests will think you’ve hit the jackpot.

They’re just over a fiver for 50g, so they’re also a cost-effective way to acclimatise to the wonderful world of caviar.

Salmon Caviar

Similar to Lumpfish Roe, this type of caviar will also be for you if you’re looking to test the waters on a budget. The price isn’t reflective of poor quality though, as it’s simply down to the fact that there are so many more salmon out in the wild than sturgeon, as well as these fish maturing at a much quicker rate. Subsequently this makes their eggs more accessible, and if there’s anything we love at Sankey’s it’s introducing people to new seafood experiences in a sustainable manner.

Plus, their bright hue is always sure to catch the eye and provides an exciting spin on traditional black caviar.

Acipenser & Oscietra Caviar

We’re taking a step up here with these two, but not massively. We think they’re a great midpoint providing value for money, but also something elegant to show off at home or a dinner party.

While the Acipenser also goes by the name of the Siberian Sturgeon, its cousin the Oscietra hails from neighbouring Russia, and it’s because of this closeness that both eggs range from shades of black to a tawny brown. That’s where the similarities end though, because these eggs are impressive in their own right with the former known for its fine grains, aromas, and creamy nuttiness, with the latter chosen for its medium grains and almond-like flavour.

Exmoor Caviar

From Russia to Exmoor, the sturgeon that produce these eggs get to revel in the 40 million litres of fresh Devonshire water that pass through the UK’s first caviar farm every day. They’re also allowed to grow at their own pace, and it’s this natural, sustainable and transparent approach that makes them a favourite of chefs and caviar aficionados alike.

Included in the menus of 80 Michelin Star restaurants here in the UK alone, as well as at our very own Old Fishmarket, it’s no surprise this one’s often a sell out at Sankey’s.  

Royal Beluga Caviar

Now we’re talking, but with Royal in its name you should’ve expected this one to be the most luxurious of the lot. Made from the Huso Huso sturgeon, otherwise known as Royal Beluga, its eggs are the largest out there – naturally making them the most desired as they’re full of flavour.

Unfortunately the scarcity of these fish has also been a contributing factor to the increased price of caviar since the turn of the century, but with a number of campaigns and regulations in place to bump up their numbers, there’s a bright future ahead for these fish that can live for more than 130 years!


What now…

Feeling fancy? Then there’s only one place to head to, well two, and that’s our fishmongers at either Tonbridge or Tunbridge Wells. Alternatively, just place a few clicks over on our website from the comfort of your own home and we’ll get them on their way to satisfy your caviar cravings…

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