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Moules Marinieres on the BBQ


Fresh Seafood Tunbridge Wells Moules Marinieres on the BBQ

Yep, that’s right team, on the BBQ – Now I prefer to use my kamado style BBQ for things like this, it’s got a massive ceramic lid so it works like an oven as well as a BBQ.


This recipe is designed to work alongside the video on TikTock, Instagram and Facebook, so if you’ve not seen it go and take a look, just match the image above and you’ve found it.



Bunch of Parsley, leaves removed, roughly chopped, but not too much.

1kg Mussels, cleaned.

1 banana shallot, diced.

Decent slug of white wine (if you're asking 250ml)

¼ of block of butter

2, or more garlic cloves, grated or finely diced.



Once you have prepared the ingredients above as described, set them aside ready for action.

Get your BBQ up to temp, I’m running at about 200c in the video.  I like to use the Kamado Joe halfmoon pan set, one is a solid pan and the other perforated with holes.

Pour the mussels into the perforated one, this allows the aroma from the BBQ into the mussels whilst they are cooking.

In the solid pan, place the butter to melt, then add the shallots and garlic and allow them to sweat a little, then it’s in with the wine and close the lid for 3 to 4 mins.  

Open her back up to check and all being well the mussle should be open, chuck the parsley inot your sauce, grab the mussels and serve up into a bowl pouring the sauce from the soil pan all over your open mussels.


It really is that simple.


Please check out my mates at North Barbeque they stock all the goodies you need to do this recipe, not the mussels those are from the Fishmongers obvs.

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