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Lobster Linguine from The Old Fishmarket


Lobster Linguine from The Old Fishmarket

Lobster Linguine for 2


This is another favourite from The Old Fishmarket.  I’ve made the assumption that you’ve boughtyourself a cooked and dressed Lobster from our shop or online for this recipe…



·     150g Garlic butter in pan

·     100g garlic butter for the lobster

·     Knob of plain butter

·     2 shallot diced

·     Pinch or two of chili flakes

·     200grams halved cherry toms

·     200ml white wine

·     Splash of Fish sauce

·     200grams linguine

·     Handful of parsley, either curly or flat leaf.



1.    Cook the linguine for about 6 mins in very saltywater.

2.    Sweat down the shallots & cherry tomatoes inthe garlic butter for about 2-3 mins.

3.    Add the white wine and then allow to reduce byhalf on a medium heat.

4.    Add the stock and again allow to reduce by half.

5.    Add a knob of butter and a splash of fish sauceto season to taste.

6.    Add the linguine and ensure it is warmed back upand covered in the sauce.

7.    Stir through the parsley

8.    Meanwhile reheat the lobster halve sunder thegrill, ensuring it’s got a good coating on garlic butter and doesn’t burn.  You only need to heat it through its alreadycooked.

9.    Split the linguine evenly into two pasta bowlsand place the lobster on top and devour!

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