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John Dory Chops & Crispi Hispi with Chimmichurri


John Dory Chops, Crispy Hispi & Chimmichurri

John Dory Chops & Crispy Hispi with Chimmichurri

John Dory is easily in my top 3 eating fish, it’s probably number 2 behind Dover Sole and in front of Skate.  I love the richness of the flavour but also the composition of the skeleton.  It allows for some creative fishmongery.

John Dory loves strong flavours, so its great for the BBQ. Here I serve it simply with a chimichurri and some charred Hispi cabbage I like to call crispy hispi.

Ingredients for four

·     2x 1kg+ John Dory, trimmed into chops, ourfishmongers will know how to do this.

·     2x Hispi or sweetheart cabbaged, quartered.

·     Bunch coriander

·     Bunch of parsley

·     2 red chillis

·     Red wine vinegar to taste

·     1 banana shallot

·     Plenty of olive oil

·     Salt and pepper to taste

·     Chuck of salter butter



The first step is to ensure that you john dory is dry, wet fish stick to the grills.  I ensure mineis dry by taking it out of the packaging the moment I get it home and resting it on a cake rack in my fridge until I need it.

Light your BBQ and go for searing tempo, that’s about 350-400degrees in my mind.

Then make your chimichurri, I go for 50/50 coriander and parsley, chopped including stalks to a medium fine level.  Remove the seeds from your chillis and dice as fine as you can go, same with the shallot. Them mix using the olive oil, using the red wine to season it to your taste.

Quarter the hispi cabbage and rub the open side with your butter.  Then head to the BBQ with your John Dory.  Place the john dory down followed by the hispi cabbage. And let the fire do the work.  If you have a kamado style BBQ close the lid and let the ceramic work its wonders.

After 5 mins, open the BBQ and turn the cabbage.  Check on the John Dory, we are looking for 45degrees on the bone, once close to this turn them over and cook for another 5mins, or until that side has also got to 45 degrees.

The cabbage will look burned, this is perfect, the charredparts taste incredible I promise.

Serve together on a large plate in the middle of the tableand tuck in with lashings of Chimichurri over the top.

BBQ Tip: invest in some really good chacoal, I love Stag Chacoal, it's all made here in the UK by a chap called Matt and its fab. It might cost more but it lasts four times as long and burns far hotter. You can also buy it locally at North Barbeque in Larkfield.

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