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Christmas Feeling at Seafood Restaurant Tunbridge Wells

Have you ever considered placing a show stopping piece of fish in the centre of your dinner table on Christmas day? Of course you have, you wouldn’t be reading our blog otherwise. However if the answer happened to be no, we’re here to tell you that turkey is so last year anyway.


That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a few slices of the big bird on December 25ththough, as we simply think a few seafood options can be equally as impressive whether they’re served as something to start with, or even the main event. Furthermore, the beauty of festive fish is that there’s no real ‘monopoly’ over what’s traditional either – therefore allowing you to go for what you think is the best choice visually and, most importantly, in terms of taste.


Over at our fishmongers, and on their digital home away from home, you’ll find an eclectic selection of seafood we think will be ideal for you to enjoy - and there shouldn’t be many surprises either. We’ve all had a classic prawn cocktail starter in our time, so why not keep that tradition alive with our giant tiger prawns? Alternatively, put a bit of a spin on things by dipping a few delicious crevettes into an equally delicious aioli to start things off with a bang.


Strangely enough though things don’t have to begin with a starter, as we think there are few breakfasts out there that beat a bit of smoked salmon served with fluffy scrambled eggs. Then, once you’re dressed up, woo your guests as soon as they’ve walked through the front door with a few oysters, or some caviar, washed down by a beautiful glass of Squerryes’ sparkling wine.


Despite all your efforts though, we know the main course can be make or break time – which is why most probably play it safe with a turkey dinner. Nevertheless, we’re all about breaking the mould here at Sankey’s, so keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment of the blog when we’ll be going through the festive fillets and seasonal seafood sensations that’ll be worthy of making their way onto your plate come the big day.


Can’t wait until then? Fine. Head over to the ‘Christmas Range’ on our website (the link’s below) to get your hands on a few things we’ve already mentioned, and a quick glimpse of what’s to come.!/Christmas-Range/c/41215033

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