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Fishing You a Merry Christmas


Enjoy Christmas at Fresh Seafood Restaurant Tunbridge Wells

Snow might not be falling all around us just yet, but it definitely pays to be prepared which is why we’re back to tell you all about our special Christmas range. If you haven’t read the previous blog post that kicked off our festive discussions with an insight into light bites and starters, you’ll want to do that now before we reveal some potential main eventers.

All done? Let’s jingle away…

As we stated before, the beauty of seafood at Christmas is that there are no real right or wrong answers. Although its common now to start your meal with either a prawn cocktail, a few slices of salmon, or even a bit of caviar if you’re feeling fancy, the fact that there’s nothing set in stone for a main course means the choice is completely yours. Nevertheless, we know it can be difficult deciding ,especially with our extensive range, so we’re here to provide some further insight as to what you can go for:

Lobster – We’re starting with a showstopper here, and for good reason. Obviously there’s a major difference in taste between these crustaceans and a turkey, but we think the beauty of serving a lobster or two is that it very much mimics that of the Christmas classic. If we haven’t dressed yours already, swap out the carving knife for a cracker and let the whole family tuck into its sweet meat from claw to tail.

Eels – Here us out here, there’s tradition behind enjoying a few eels at this festive time of year – albeit an Italian one. In The Golden Girls episode ‘Have Yourself aVery Little Christmas’, main character Sophia tells of how “In Sicily it wouldn’t be Christmas without eels” and while things may be slightly different over here in Kent, we’re not completely taken aback by her words. Subtly sweet with flavours that have drawn comparisons to lobster, throw a few fillets into the mix for a dish that’s as delicious as it is surprising.

Halibut& Cod – Enjoying a few eels isn’t the only way to go on a journey this Christmas. Serve up a fresh fillet of halibut or cod, and you’ll be following in the footsteps of our Scandinavian friends over in Norway. Both mild in flavour yet still impressive, you’ll want to serve these as simply as possible with a few hearty vegetables and a fish sauce.

Plaice – Although we’re always up for a bite of plaice, this fish is a great option particularly for the pescatarians at your table or simply those after something a bit lighter than usual. It cooks in a flash too, meaning you can just throw a few fillets into the pan as you’re finishing up the rest of the dinner.

Salmon – The big boy of the range, it’s a similar reason to lobster as to why we think this fish belongs in the centre of your table on December 25th. After baking in the oven for around 45 minutes, both you and your guests will be treated to a magnificent sight that tastes as good as it looks. A brilliant alternative to turkey, the added bonus is that a whole one is so big that you’ll probably have some left over for boxing day.

Platters – For those of you struck with indecision, there’s always a Sankey’s platter. Take your pick of our Lobster, Crab, Salmon, or Prawn options, and you won’t be disappointed with their beautiful presentation as well as several accompanying seafood delights and garnishes. Despite being a cracking starter for 4, we’d recommend tucking into one in pairs for a memorable main course.


We’d love to say that’s all bases covered, but there are still several more options waiting for you to discover at our fishmongers both in-store and online! With all this information though, we’re now handing over the reins for you to begin your own festive adventure courtesy of our fresh catches.


For more information on our range, simply head over to!/Christmas-Range/c/41215033

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