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Refreshing Beer at Seafood Restaurant in Kent

It goes without saying that we’re fans of all things fishy here at Sankey’s, but take the trip to our digs up on Mount Ephraim and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our passion for craft beer too. Although wines are naturally often paired with the delicate flesh of seafood, you shouldn’t have to compromise, especially if you’ve got your eye on one of the many brews that make up our ever-changing line-up.


Don’t know what to order? Here’s our guide to matching up your pint with something from the sea:  



If there’s one rule worth remembering, it’s that fried food loves bubbles. That’s why you’ll often find us sipping on a pilsner or lager when tucking into a classic portion of fish and chips or a side of calamari.


This beer is drier than most and importantly holds citrus notes too, which is why it’s occasionally compared to a squeeze of lemon adding an extra layer of flavour to the fish. That’s not all a pilsner will do though, as its slight acidity will cut through the richness of a batter making this combination pleasant in terms of texture on the palate too.


Pale Ales


One glance a tour beer board and you’ll realise these are our favourite.


There are endless combinations of aromatic and fruity hops out there which is why our selection so frequently changes, but just because these beers taste great on their own it doesn’t necessarily mean a seafood pairing will always be a matchmade in heaven.


Higher alcohol IPAs can sometimes be too bitter for seafood and given their ‘hop-forward’ nature they can occasionally overpower the dish in front of you meaning you might as well have just had the pint on its own – and you know how much we hate to see food wasted.


There must be a reason then as to why we offer so many Pale Ales, right?


Of course, and it’s all a subject of balance.


A low-alcohol IPA on the other hand will provide a perfect blend of bite and acidity that makes it a dream with grilled fish or seafood. If you’re feeling like pushing the boat out too, one of these will work amazingly with buttery lobster which, like the pilsner, will satisfy the palate as well as the taste buds.



The name probably gives it away, but these fruity beers are all about being intentionally tart, citrusy and slightly acidic.


Given their bold flavours, it can be exciting to pair a pint with something equally as striking such as a fresh-grilled fillet of trout. Of course, similar to Pale Ales, the issue is one of balance as we never want the drink to dominate the dish (we might as well just close our kitchen down then), but the berries and salt added in the making of Sour beers result in it being a truly versatile drink that serves to only boost the freshness of any catch of the day.




Dark, creamy, and bitter, stouts like the world-famous Guinness aren’t everyone's tipple of choice. If they are though, don’t feel left out as there’s a few pairings we can think of to sort you out.

Just like the drink itself, stouts work wonders with rich seafood like lobsters, oysters and even more delicate ones such as scallops! Giving the brew its iconic darker shades, it’s the malty notes of the stout that provide a great contrast to their saltiness and briny flavour.


There’s no need for anything fancy though, especially as a no-nonsense beer like a stout is often deserving of a no-nonsense dish. Perhaps not ideal for the summer, but it’s the cosy nature of stouts that makes it great alongside equally homely servings of soup or a hearty chowder.  If the warmer months do have to hand, at least we have this classic combination to look forward to.



If you still don’t know what your beverage will be after reading that, we’d recommend sticking to something soft in the meantime. For those who have been tempted by a cheeky pilsner or pale ale, we’ve got one question for all of you:


Whose round is it?

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